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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Self Check Out Kiosk in the Library!

Good news Broncos,

The library has purchased and set up a self checkout kiosk for your convenience. At times when the circulation staff is busy, you may simply check out your materials at the kiosk. At this time books are the only resources that may be checked out through the self-checkout kiosk. Other items, such as media, will still need to be checked out by a circulation staff member. To utilize the self checkout machine, you will need to have your Bronco id to begin the process. We hope you find this service to be convenient!

Use the following procedures to checkout your materials.

STEP 1: Swipe your BRONCO ID card.

STEP 2: Scan the Item Barcode in the red laser (usually found on theback inside cover of the book).

STEP 3: Place the book in the “V” slot. After you hear the beep, take the book out. Repeat step 2 and step 3 as needed.

STEP 4: Touch Print Receipt on the monitor.

STEP 5: Take your receipt.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome Broncos!

Hello Bronco Family,

The staff at Chesnutt Library is eager to assist you in utilizing the variety of library resources and services available to you. We hope that you will use the library to enhance your research in your chosen fields of study.

For this semester we have implemented some changes to create an easier experience for you when trying to access resources. When off campus, you will use your FSU network username and password to log into the databases available to you as an FSU student. You will no longer need to use or remember a pin, as was previously the case.

Additionally, the library staff has been busy identifying better ways to enrich your library experience. More changes may be forthcoming and we will endeavor to keep you updated on any changes that will affect you.


Shamella Cromartie