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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Identity Theft Resources has released an updated version of identity theft resources. It includes federal resources, federal laws, state resources, recent GAO reports and much more. The article can be found at:

Identity Theft: A Bibliography of Federal, State, Consumer and News Resources
By Sabrina I. Pacifici

Oxford English Dictionary Online

The latest quarterly update to OED Online is now available at!


The latest alphabetical range to be revised is PLEB-POMAK. It includes 2,867 new and revised entries, and is released alongside over 400 new words and senses from across the alphabet. Find out the latest definitions and quotations for everything from POD PERSON (a person considered to be conformist, unoriginal, or emotionless) to PLUMCOT (a hybrid between a plum and an apricot), and from PLUG-AND-GO (allowing easy installation and use) to PLIP (a remote control automatic locking system on a motor vehicle) and POGUE (in Ireland a kiss, in the US a non-combatant soldier or a homosexual), and the 757 words beginning with "poly-".
Visit for a full list of new and revised words in this range.

New entries have also been added across the alphabet from LOLLYWOOD (the Pakistani film industry, based in Lahore) to SUPERFOOD (an especially nutritious food), from FACIALIST (a person who gives facials) to LIPOSCULPTURE (liposuction), from BLING (ostentatious, flashy) to BADA-BING (suggesting something happening suddenly, emphatically, or easily), and from CYPHERPUNK (a person who uses encryption when sending emails in order to ensure privacy) to WI FI (any of several standards for the high-speed wireless transmission of data over a small range).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Business and Economics News

Electronic Research Alerts - Federal Reserve Bank of New York

"The Yield Curve as a Leading Indicator: Some Practical Issues" by Arturo Estrella and Mary R. Trubin (Current Issues in Economics and Finance, July/August 2006)

"The Internationalization of the Dollar and Trade Balance Adjustment" by Linda S. Goldberg and Cedric Tille (Staff Report no. 255, August 2006)

"U.S. Wage and Price Dynamics: A Limited Information Approach" by Argia M. Sbordone (Staff Report no. 256, August 2006)

"On the Market Discipline of Informationally Opaque Firms: Evidence from Bank Borrowers in the Federal Funds Market" by Adam Ashcraft and Hoyt Bleakley (Staff Report no. 257, August 2006

"Endogenous Productivity and Development Accounting" by Roc Armenter and Amartya Lahiri (Staff Report no. 258, August 2006)

"Congestion and Cascades in Payment Systems" by Walter E. Beyeler, Robert J. Glass, Morten L. Bech, and Kimmo Soramaki (Staff Report no. 259, September 2006)

"Technology Diffusion within Central Banking: The Case of Real-Time Gross Settlement" by Morten L. Bech and Bart Hobijn (Staff Report no. 260, September 2006)

"Pass-Through of Exchange Rates to Consumption Prices: What Has Changed and Why?" by Jose Manuel Campa and Linda S. Goldberg (Staff Report no. 261, September 2006)

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Good Morning FSU students, faculty and staff! Welcome to your new Chesnutt Library Blog. With this blog we aim to give you information on Chesnutt Library news and events. So let's get started.

New Databases:

Chesnutt Library has acquired access to Xrefplus Unlimited Database. In addition to finally adding an X to our databases by alphabet, we are adding the following features:

According to its website, xrefplus is “a digital reference library that places a world of factual information at your fingertips. Containing a selection from 169 high-quality reference books from the world’s leading publishers, xreferplus is the ideal place to start any research.” Participating publishers include: Barron’s, Blackwell Publishing, Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press, Encyclopedia Britannica, Elsevier Science, Harvard University Press, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, Merriam Webster, Penguin, Sage Publications, Thomson Gale, and Wiley.

One of the unique features of xrefplus is that it doesn't just cross reference one reference book but spans several in finding information. For example, a search for information on stingrays yields fourteen results with sources ranging from the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia to the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms.

Trial Databases:

Country Watch Trial Starts: September 11, 2006 Trial Ends: September 25, 2006

This database is an information provider for corporations, government agencies, universities, schools, libraries and individuals needing up-to-date news and information on each of the recognized countries of the world. CountryWatch provides critical country-specific intelligence and data to over 4000 clients including public and private sector organizations with overseas operations and global interests. In addition, CountryWatch provides country information to large media audiences in various venues, such as, as part of its media strategy. Key publications produced by CountryWatch include the CountryReviewsTM, an up-to-date series of publications for each country including demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental information; the CountryWireTM, which provides daily news coverage for every country in the world and a significant news archive made up of the compendium of regional news carriers; and the CountryWatch ForecastTM, a five-year macroeconomic forecast for each country.

ProQuest Health Management Trial Starts: September 7, 2006 Trial Ends: October 6, 2006
Password: welcome

Full-text information from leading publications covering all aspects of health management and administration, including public health and safety, hospitals, finance, personnel management, insurance, population studies, labor relations, law, and more.