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Monday, January 22, 2007

NEW! Database Specific Classes


Database Specific Classes feature focused, hands-on instruction. Students will have time to practice searching the database, saving/emailing results (depends on the database), and will leave with citations relevant to an actual class assignment. Only one or two related databases will be taught in class (ex. Criminal Justice Abstracts and Criminology: A SAGE Full-text Collection are both CSA Illumina databases and may be taught together). Basic library instruction is not included in the class. We will NOT cover the library webpage, except going into the particular database, library PIN, the online catalog, etc.

Class Requirements

  1. 15 student preferred limit. 30 student maximum, with 2 students per laptop.
  2. Class Assignment. The idea is to have students conduct real searches for an actual class assignment and leave the bibliographic instruction class with a list of citations they can use.
  3. Students need to have attended a general bibliographic instruction class before taking a database class. We will not be covering the library website, catalog, PIN, Database Finder, Journal Finder, etc. except as they pertain to the specific database we are searching.
  4. Professors must sign up for database classes at least two weeks in advance and be prepared to give the librarian a copy of the class assignment. Contact the librarian who teaches the class to schedule a class.
    1. Linette Neal, 672-1230
    2. Laura Bell Wright, 672-1555
    3. Jan Whitfield, 672-1750
    4. Bernadette Ross, 672-1557
  5. Class is held in the library’s 3rd Floor Conference Room using laptops with wireless connections.
  6. Professors are strongly encouraged to attend. Taking the time to attend bibliographic instruction class shows the students that these classes are important.

Database Classes Offered Spring 2007

Business Databases:

Business Source Premier, taught by Linette Neal

Euromonitor, taught by Linette Neal

Introduction to Company Research, taught by Linette Neal

Criminal Justice Databases:

CSA Illumina: Criminal Justice Abstracts and Criminology: A SAGE Full-text Collection, taught by Laura Bell Wright

Education Databases:

ERIC, taught by Bernadette Ross

ProQuest Education, taught by Bernadette Ross

Interdisciplinary Approach to Education Research, taught by Bernadette Ross

Education Law-Lexis Nexis, taught by Bernadette Ross

Literature Databases:

ABELL (Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature), taught by Jan Whitfield

Literature Online (LION), taught by Jan Whitfield

MLA (Modern Language Association) International Bibliography, taught by Jan Whitfield

Music Database:

Music Index, taught by Jan Whitfield

Multidisciplinary Database:

ProQuest Direct, taught by Laura Bell Wright or Linette Neal

Nursing Database:

CINAHL, taught by Laura Bell Wright

Psychology Database:

PsychINFO, taught by Laura Bell Wright

Social Work and Sociology Databases:

Social Work Abstract, taught by Jan Whitfield

SocIndex, taught by Jan Whitfield

The librarians at Chesnutt Library will continue to offer the same quality instruction we have always offered; these classes are an addition to our more traditional offerings. Professors can still request regular bibliographic instruction classes that cover the library web page, services, online catalog searching and relevant databases in a presentation style format.

Professors can request regular bibliographic instruction classes and database classes in one semester.


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