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Thursday, December 07, 2006

ZOTERO - The Next Generation Research Tool

Zotero is a new free bibliographic tool that is designed to help you "collect, manage, and cite" research sources. It boasts of many useful features such as:

- Automatic capture of citation information from web pages
- Flexible notetaking with autosave
- Runs right in your web browser
- Storage of PDFs, files, images, links, and whole web pages
- Fast, as-you-type search through your materials
- Playlist-like library organization, including saved searches (smart collections) and tags

It does have some weaknesses:

- It is not web-based - you must import your data when using a computer other than your own.
- It only runs using the Firefox2 browser. It will not work on Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.

For a list of known issues and planned features click here.

Although Zotero is not perfect (yet!) it is a valuable research tool with a very promising future. Visit its website and view a demo - let us know what you think!


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