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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Digital Commons @ Fayetteville State University - Latest Statistics

In March 2012, Faculty Working Papers from the School of Education had 895 full-text downloads, retaining their position as the top accessed collection of papers in the Digital Commons @ Fayetteville State University.

The most popular papers were:

High School to College Transition: A Profile of the Stressors, Physical and Psychological Health Issues That Affect the First-Year On-Campus College Student (168 downloads)
Authors: Terence Hicks and Samuel Heastie

The Evolution of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (136 downloads)
Author: C Barnabas Charles

College Life Styles, Life Stressors and Health Status: Differences Along Gender Lines (125 downloads)
Authors: Terence Hicks and Eboni Miller

Faculty Working Papers from the School of Education now holds 25 records, which have been downloaded a total of 28177 times.



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