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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Reference Books @ Chesnutt Library

The following titles are now available in the Reference Department located on the first floor.

Dictionary of Wars [REF D25 .A2 D53 2007]
from Books in Print:
Dictionary of Wars, Third Edition contains detailed summaries of all notable wars from throughout history, spanning more than 4,000 years. Completely updated and expanded, this volume is an authoritative source on the global conflicts, civil wars, mutinies, punitive expeditions, undeclared wars, rebellions, and revolutions that have occurred throughout the world. This edition contains new and updated entries, new illustrations, and new front and back matter. Facts are presented in a lively and engaging manner, and the scope of the book is truly impressive. Approximately 1,850 entries are extensively cross-referenced to help readers find the information they want. This book deals exclusively and concisely with military information, often specifying political, social, economic, and cultural influences on military operations.

Declarations of Independence: Encyclopedia of American Autonomous and Secessionist Movements [REF E183 .E79 2007]
from Books in Print:
From tax rebels to religious dissidents, it's amazing that the United States of America haven't fallen apart, though it's not been for lack of trying. While the Confederate States of America is the best-known secessionist movement in our history, the South is far from the only example of Americans' declaring independence from Washington DC and the federal government. From runaway slaves to religious visionaries, from Native Americans to tax-shelter seeking wealthy, the quest for political, religious, and economic independence has been a constant force in our country over the centuries. Eighty secessionist and autonomy movements and their stories are gathered in one spot for the first time ever.

The FDR Years [REF E747 .P43 2006]
from Books in Print:
The F.D.R. Years details the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt as he valiantly led the nation through the height of the Great Depression and World War II. This comprehensive reference contains a section of more than 250 biographical entries covering all the key personalities connected to the administration; a chronology spanning the history of the administration; and a sizable appendix including important documents such as inaugural addresses, important presidential speeches, tables listing the members of the White House staff, cabinet members, members of Congress and the Senate, and more.

The Carter Years [REF E840.6 .K38 2006]
from Books in Print:
The Carter Years focuses on the administration of this president, including a section of more than 250 entries covering all the key personalities of the era. In addition, there is a chronology of contemporary events; a sizable appendix that includes important documents, such as inaugural addresses, important presidential speeches; tables listing the members of the White House staff, cabinet members, members of Congress and the Senate; and more.

The Law of Higher Education vols. 1 & 2 [REF KF4225 .K36 2006]
from Books in Print:
This fourth edition of the indispensable guide to the laws that bear on the conduct of higher education provides a revised and up-to-date reference, research source, and guide for administrators, attorneys, and researchers. The book is also widely used as a text for graduate courses on higher education law in programs preparing higher education administrators for leadership roles.


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