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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Books at Chesnutt Library

The following books are located in the Main Stacks (2nd & 3rd floors) of the Chesnutt Library:


Fundamentalism and American Culture
[BT 82.2 .M37 2006]


Asian Brand Strategy: How Asia Builds Strong Brands
[HD 69 .B7 R65 2006]


The Crisis of Elementary Education in India
[LA 1152 .C75 2006]

The Child in the World/The World in the Child:
Education and the Configuration of a Universal, Modern, and Globalized Childhood
[LB 43 .C45 2006]

Horace Mann's Vision of the Public Schools
[LB 695 .M35 H39 2006]

180 Days to Successful Writers: Lessons to Prepare Your Students for Standardized Assessments and for Life
[LB 1576 .D655 2006]

50 Literacy Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching, K-8
[LB 1576 .S3255 2006]

Creating a Classroom Community of Young Scientists
[LB 1585 .B63 2006]

Teachers Behaving Badly: Dilemmas for School Leaders
[LV 1779 .T43 2005]

Does Quality Pay?: Benefits of Attending a High-Cost, Prestigious College
[LB 2331.63 .Z483 2005]

The Changing Landscape of the Academic Profession: The Culture of Faculty at For-Profit Colleges and Universities
[LB 2331.72 .L45 2006]

Empowering School Leaders: Personal Political Power for School Board Members and Administrators
[LB 2805 .B5633 2006]

Real-Time Problem Solving in Schools: Case Studies for School Leaders
[LB 2805 .P588 2006]

Priority Leadership: Generating School and District Improvement through Systemic Change
[LB2822.82 .H493 2006]

When School Crisis Occurs: What Parents and Stakeholders Want to Know
[LB 2866.5 .S48 2006]

School Calendar Reform: Learning in All Seasons
[LB 3034 .B26 2006]

Schooling, Society and Curriculum
[LC 191.8 .G7 S35 2006]

User-Friendly Schools for Latinos: A Model for All Immigrants
[LC 2669 .R53 2006]


Bates' Guide to Phiysical Examination and History Taking
[RC 76 .B38 2007]


Literature and the Child
[Z 1037 .C946 2006]


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